Saturday, January 3, 2009


ni kawan den..Shahdayanti.i used to sit next to her during the lectures. She is so unique. you know why.?based on the true story, one fine afternoon, it was madam chiang's class. N as we all know, satan always put some make-up on our eyes, so most of us fell asleep. hehe..but the main content here is, i saw yanti was sleeping when i glanced at her once. Unfortunately, our MAdam Grammarian. called her name. she asked questions. To my surprise, yanti did answer all the questions correctly. So, i was fascinated with the way she learnt. The moral value is, if you are a teacher, never scold your students for being sleeping, test them is better than nagging to them. And one of our lecturers also agreed that my TEYL mates could answer her questions although they were counting the sheep in their and my adorable Yanti..


Anonymous said...

Kagum2 heheh..

syitah said...

yanti mmg terer! hehe

yanti said...

madam chiang memang dah ajar topik tu and dia hanya revised jer and it happened the day before aku dah study topic tu..bila dia ulang aku bosan la..funny thing is that i wondered why my kids slept in the class and reading this blog reminded me i was one too!hahaha..i have to say, it WAS my hobby la..;P

Anonymous said...

itu lah dunia..
makin kita membesar..
makin banyak kita dapat pengalaman..