Friday, July 25, 2008


SOmetimes i couldn't believe that i suffer the chronic migrain. What i know is when i see around, my vision all change. DOtted and spotted colouring pieces of art... BEside, when i start reading, my right and left eyes could not coordinate. It makes me feel worse when i begin to undergo nausea. and then, vomit..vomit..vomit and what i need to do is close my eyes, let me stay in the dark..But all of these pain would not leave unless i get an injection as a pain killer..i tell you having a classic migrain was terrible.The first time i experience, the doctor suspected me for having tumor..Crying was what i did..HOw many days left..but after that, another doctor said that it just a severe migrain..what a relieve...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


DOn't feel pity for me..i feel sad.I'm going to Sabah leaving all my beloved..juz ignore..pretend like nothing happens..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Want to have an alluring butt??

What you can do to shape your butt.try this out..find stairs and do steps up..Stand behind a 15-inch platform or step.Place the right foot on the step, transfer the weight to the heel and push into the heel to come onto the step. Concentrate on only using the right leg, keeping the left leg active only for balance. Slowly step back down and repeat all reps on the right leg before switching to the left. Good LUCk!This is also applicable for men. And for those men who love their sweetheart to have nice figures..tell them to try!do not push yourselves too much in doing the exercise. do it consistently..If today is your starting day. Just make 20 for a beginning. Tomorrow, increase the exercise to 30..Don't let your body shocked.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Can you see anything written on my forehead?AnGEL..!I think so..because children and babies like me to hold them..hehe..

Friday, July 18, 2008


Still remember about along in my previous story??along and, it would be about angah..I still do not understand why angah still could not read or identify simple ABC..I don't know where his mind is..HIs face looks innocent. Her mother just 25 and she got 5 kids. and you guess what happens to her kids..negligence..A father works as a mechanic. The worst thing happened today..when i saw,,white cream lotion at the back of his ears..i asked himm..what happened to your ears??"Along koyak telinga angah"..SHIT!PIty him..what can i do?adopt him? professional..don't mix your emotion and your work together..and one more thing to share..An experienced teacher told me..don't ever call the pupil's name which they use at home in the class..they cannot differentiate the place that they are about..if we call him angah..he will think that he is at home..home means their real that he will realise school means abc and study..and which limits him a lot from playing..

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Do you believe that you won't step your legs to your varsity world if it's not because the kindness of your teacher who teach you in primary school or may be your kindergarten's teacher?(that's me)..When peoples talk about TEYL..Some of us will get embarrass since people would have the low estimation on you. But have they thought about who teach them a simple basic ABC and teach them from unknown to known..?But humans never be grateful. Boasting is what they really like instead of saying thank you to the persons like us. "I won't make it without you.."So friends, don't feel shy when they say who are you..?We are TEYL..TEACHING ENGLISH YOUNG LEARNERS..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

adik zai?

ada iras zai x?kat taik lalat sama tempat kut..heheh

15th of July..

I can't believe we are in the middle of the month.i thought i will be dying dealing with the bubbly kids. They could speak non-stop and move every single beat..i don't know what they eat at home. When i worked for a part-time job in queensbay, i quit a week after serving the VISS shoes Company. MAy be i could maintain between work and study.It's too challenging. The challenge that i am facing right now is to make them able to read. I don't really understand how the previous teachere taught my class even in the middle of the year, they still don't recognise the basic, simple alphabets..So, i took a long way which is by introducing them back to ABC..Wish me luck!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gedik santai..

Yaya is the most pretty girl and hot in my class,..cute sangat..n the best part is she is a beauty-conscious type of person. JUst imagine a 5 year-old girl who love to be seen as "cantikkk". SInce we are having sports day around the corner. Therefore, i brought them to the field in front of the kindergarten to practise marching..It was sunny and hot..the sun was a few metres overhead. Suddenly,

Teacher, panas la..YAya tak tahan. Panas sangat.
So, i explained to her..Matahari kalu pagi-pagi bagus tau.Boleh bagi cantik kulit..
Then, she got excited and tell everybody, cantikk...nadirah, cantikk..kite cantik..

She just 5 years old and how come she is awared of beauty.?Who should we blame?tv? her family?or..?noo ideaaaa..!and one more..teacher..i want make-up set as a gift..MY GOD!cute la budak ni..tengok cara posing dia cam model wo..yaya..Oh LIa Farisya..

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I love you..
You are my friend..
my buddy..
my beloved..
i truly care for you..i miss you dear..

MasyitAh aHmad TarmiZI..Mak dia nama sama ngan aku..

"Aku telah mempersetankan syitah?"jahat la acid dare he said so to me..Syitah has her own talent.SHe just shy..At least i gave her a try!Syitah my ex roomate in Maktab..although we have ups and down when we stayed together, it just made me realise on how childish i was..if i could turn back..i'll do my best to fix the situation...everybody still in a culture shock of still remember when i didn't say a word to her..sorry's better than saying words that hurt u..i still LOVE u..forever..person who never forget about my many things that i wish to share in this blog..Helping Syitah's mother in chareographing the dance..Knowing your parents is the best part gak..makan nasik lemak muka tak malu after finishing muet's test..lapaq arrr..heheh..n also i owed bekas tupperware mak ang..i'm waiting to go back to kedah so that my mom could bake kek lapis for your mother..Banyak gambo ngan smua kat kedah..aiyaks..what else huh..Syitah always helps me whenever i need..thanks to Syitah and also..thanks to GOD for sending me and angel that brighten my life..friendship forever!in tis picture, syitah paling putih melepak tu..ada lagi gambar time lagu "x mahu lagi menunggu"..Thanx for not upsetting me..sorry baju lip lap..heheh


Writing blogs reminding me of Jannah who first introduced me to Blogging..Jannah inspired me to write since that on that moment i haD a big fight with, she comfort me a lot..remembered when we hugged each other.telling about what our bf did..thanx Jannah for being there for me..and won't forget until the end of my life..having her shoulders made me felt like i have somebody to talk to..i'm not alone..Love u JAnnAH!I could still remember although my brain does not function really well..Thanx God!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tadika Strawberi

dah seminggu x update blog.Dalam seminggu ni la aku sebok dengan kanak-kanak ribena di tadika strawberi. Kalu ikut memang pagi-pagi liat ja aku nak bangun nak ajar budak-budak ni.tapi bila dah sampai kat tadika, sembang ngan budak-budak seronoknya..pening bukan main bila kelas aku budak ada sangat pandai ngan yg slow tugas aku kena ajar budak-budak ni sampai pandai.waktu ni la aku sedar, aku belajar bagi budak 2 kumpulan. yg terer ngan yang lemah sikit.kerja pun bahagi dua.yang pandai dah boleh baca suku kata..yang lemah aku bagi diorang pandai A-E dulu. Alhamdulillah, usaha aku berjaya. Dalam seminggu diorang dah pandai baca a-e..Seronok je rasa.. Sejuk nya dunia..