Thursday, June 26, 2008

future father and mother-in-law

I think that Acid's father like me. I made a jug of coffee for his family. I asked her mother where did put all the sugar and coffee so that it suits their taste.His mom gave the instruction. I followed. To my suprize, his father request for another cup of coffee. Was he trying to make me feel good?I donno. But his mom said his father never asks for coffee. It just this is the first time. I feel proud. Although he is a person who i can count how many times he talk, i guess, may be his action show what his heart means something. They approve me and i feel happy. But then, am i ready for commitment..I'm still young, i haven't satisfy with what i have gained, I want to travel, want to be like a bird..I admit that some of my friends who are the same age as mine got married and even most of them got baby..i still need enough sleep, i need to fulfill my appetite,..All about my needsssss...i can't think about that yet..but i love ACID..


Last time aku kat block hostel,,,aku pakai slipper made in Thailand. Jalan punya jalan aku x perasan lak member aku cuah air basuh baju dia atas lantai depan bilik dia..So, tanpa memikirkan masa depan, aku jalan dengan gumbira. Selepas itu, apa yang aku sedar slipar thailand ni jadik x leh kawal aku lalu aku terjatuh di depan bilik member.Malang x berbau, pintu bilik dia terbukak sket. aku terhantuk kat pintu tu.Mulut aku terkunci. Guna SoLEX mmg susah nak buka.Aku diam seribu bahasa.TEngok-tengok Roomate aku ngan geng member bilik sebelah tngok aku terbaring kat atas lantai.Aku tak ingat kenapa aku x bangun. tp peha aku sakit gak akibat jatuh macam nangka busuk..Apa yang aku risaukan aku x pasti sama ada kesan jatuh ni buat aku cam ilang ingatan.Aku nak recall benda yang aku pnah belajar pon aku x ingat otak aku berkarat sebab tak paksa otak ni berfikir..Aku sememangnya pemalas nak yang aku paling suka buat ialah aku suka kemas rumah. Bila kemas rumah aku cam aku dalam dunia aku. aku berdialog ntah apa-apa la..Tapi aku x nafi aku banyak gak terhantuk pokok besar atas kepala aku..Yat!apsal suka sangat pk negatif.pikir positif. You CAN DO IT!Kambatei!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

rebung masak lemak cili api..

i could feel how the rebung blend in my's so crunchy..the hot taste that let me eat more than one plate of rice..But then nowadays, people do not appreciate this traditional dish anymore..spaghetti and all the western course takes the first place in daily meal..but for me..i am a kampung girl..proud to be Malaysian..

Monday, June 16, 2008


Sometimes we feel lost without friends..I believe that when we lost a friend, God will send us better friends. Losing A as my very best friend was very hurting. Betrayal and also i realize that i do not have anything so..she left me and find a new friend..GOd always says be kind and keep your pure heart to find friends. World does not end on that dot..Acid and I got closer to a very brutal man who loves to say KILL..KILL..KILL..he looks scary from outside but from inner side i can conclude this gentleman really appreciate his friends and always be with us from the day we be nice to to lose since we found the best friend in our life..GOd is the best!Dzul best!


I wish i could be an author but that is an extra impossible dream that i can achieve.I wish i could be as smart as Cecelia Ahern who really good in expressing and describing about love. I love the word "LOVE". Can't imagine world without love. Love can hold your soul..I love GOD and He always look after me. He gives me the best as i keep my loyalty to myself and that keep me alive until now..I love my parents and that make me obey to what they say..i love ACID, my dearest, and i wish that he's one for me..MY family that bring joys to my friends who being nice to me..and all about love...Love is powerful..