Monday, September 29, 2008


I think I love candles..Y? looks romantic and calm.When am i having my candle light dinner. I WISH....

THIS has nothing to do with candles ok? Bear in mind. Something funny happened to me. I think in the beginning of the fasting month. I fried chicken in the afternoon about 5 o'clock. I realised that my place already getting dark.since the solar had finished it's power, i lost my mind. "how am i going to fried these wings?SO, i started to get my head lamp and set about to fry it. Just imagine using head lamp to fry chicken in my own house? I thought i am using it when it comes to camping. As a result, the yellow light cheated chicken did not well done..out of batteries.poor me!

Telling about the toilet in my house(staff room punya la,of course)..It's an eerie condition when there's an airways for the smell to go out..The eerie part is not the smell.hehe..but the structure Of the airways. The airways were built using woods.It looks like one frame where there are spaces between lines of woods and space the air goes through it..i feel inferior each time i go to the loo late at night. It seems like somebody is watching at me. For sure it's not human because the house is a bit high to be reached. No,,juz my feeling...

I LOVE SK BATU LAYAR..miss all my colleagues...uuu..

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