Wednesday, February 3, 2010


In year 2 MAju, there is this super-hyper boy. Ikram is his name. Predict his characters. Can't stay calm for 1 second. always has sth to say. Very outspoken. Quite cute and very small size for 8-year-old boy.
To start the story, one of my colleagues said to him.

"Kamu duduk diam2. Kalu tak diam, cikgu masuk kamu dalam beg sekolah kamu."

SO, he smiled and obeyed to the teacher's WARning.

On the next day, the teacher entered. He went to see the teacher.

"Cikgu, hari ni saya bawak beg kecik. Cikgu tak boleh masuk saya dalam beg hari ni.

He laughed in a wicked way.

Can't really imagine when he grows up.

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Hariry Ariffin said...

snap gambaq budak tu!