Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thanks abang..

Although it just a very short trip, i am thankful to God that i have been given such an opportunity to meet my sweetheart after we were apart for so long. SO long here means more or less 1 month and a half. heheh..It is so painful to be far from one another.May be he spoiled me so much and i could not adjust myself to be alone. But then i am still independent ye. I see this guy as a man who always be near me. He is my friend, my classmate, my best friend, my special ones. HE is also a big bro to me. WHo takes care and babysit me..Kesian abang, asyik kena jaga budak kecik yang mengada. I love to be close to him. His existence makes me feel complete. God, let us be together. Thanks abang you came here all along just to see me. You sacrify your money and energy a lot..God bless you with many children.eh?tapi xmau sampai cukup team softball tau!hehe..Cuba wat muka chomel2 sket..haish..


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matno said...

hehehe... aku happy bila tgk ang happy... take care!