Friday, July 18, 2008


Still remember about along in my previous story??along and, it would be about angah..I still do not understand why angah still could not read or identify simple ABC..I don't know where his mind is..HIs face looks innocent. Her mother just 25 and she got 5 kids. and you guess what happens to her kids..negligence..A father works as a mechanic. The worst thing happened today..when i saw,,white cream lotion at the back of his ears..i asked himm..what happened to your ears??"Along koyak telinga angah"..SHIT!PIty him..what can i do?adopt him? professional..don't mix your emotion and your work together..and one more thing to share..An experienced teacher told me..don't ever call the pupil's name which they use at home in the class..they cannot differentiate the place that they are about..if we call him angah..he will think that he is at home..home means their real that he will realise school means abc and study..and which limits him a lot from playing..


syitah said...

hmm logik gak nasehat lecturer ituh yek...
huhu masa praktikum pun my attention was on two boys. sorg his mom passed away masa around the 3rd week i was there (then dia pindah skolah) and sorg lg xdtg a week sbb mak dia sakit...huhu~

and then, ade sorg mak ni called me bgtau anak dia xdtg skolah ptg tu...pada bulan lepas. nmpk sgt xamik tau hal sape cikgu anak. ade plak call cikgu praktikum yg dh xde kat skolah tu. lain la klu aku ade lagi, dgn senang ati melayan. ceh~

Anonymous said...

aku xpenah ingat pon nama student except for just two girls..

Amanina = sbb terlalu genius

Aisyah = sangat cun.. (darjah 6)