Thursday, July 17, 2008


Do you believe that you won't step your legs to your varsity world if it's not because the kindness of your teacher who teach you in primary school or may be your kindergarten's teacher?(that's me)..When peoples talk about TEYL..Some of us will get embarrass since people would have the low estimation on you. But have they thought about who teach them a simple basic ABC and teach them from unknown to known..?But humans never be grateful. Boasting is what they really like instead of saying thank you to the persons like us. "I won't make it without you.."So friends, don't feel shy when they say who are you..?We are TEYL..TEACHING ENGLISH YOUNG LEARNERS..


Anonymous said...

it comes back to the thing we call reasons. Action versus reaction. Why do teachers teach, why do engineers build, why doctors treat, any many others.

lets try replacing the words teach, build and treat; into "work". why do teachers, engineers and doctors work? why do we work?

I know sharing my answer to the question above seems unfair to other peoples' passion and desires. so, lets keep our own answers to ourselves...

yattt said...

actually, i used to listen to DZull's thoughts all the time.SO our thoughts actually determine on what we will contribute.I can see the point.MOney what we all need..that's why we work.In order to fulfill personal satisfaction towards the payment, some people will put a lot of efforts and that is the time ones has the passion to devote to the world of teaching. Therefore, it depends to the individual's intention on how he or she interpret the word "work". There is no right and wrong because this is not MCQs items nor Matching, right and false. heheh..application of the knowledge evaluation in education..heheh..