Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gedik santai..

Yaya is the most pretty girl and hot in my class,..cute sangat..n the best part is she is a beauty-conscious type of person. JUst imagine a 5 year-old girl who love to be seen as "cantikkk". SInce we are having sports day around the corner. Therefore, i brought them to the field in front of the kindergarten to practise marching..It was sunny and hot..the sun was a few metres overhead. Suddenly,

Teacher, panas la..YAya tak tahan. Panas sangat.
So, i explained to her..Matahari kalu pagi-pagi bagus tau.Boleh bagi cantik kulit..
Then, she got excited and tell everybody, cantikk...nadirah, cantikk..kite cantik..

She just 5 years old and how come she is awared of beauty.?Who should we blame?tv? her family?or..?noo ideaaaa..!and one more..teacher..i want make-up set as a gift..MY GOD!cute la budak ni..tengok cara posing dia cam model wo..yaya..Oh LIa Farisya..


Anonymous said...

comei2 kan budak kt situ? aku nak posting kat tadika strawberri lah...

syitah said...

wooo! mmg cun la for a 5yrold..
yg 2nd tu pose kung fu ke? hehe

Hariry Ariffin said...

Comel nye :D