Saturday, July 12, 2008


Writing blogs reminding me of Jannah who first introduced me to Blogging..Jannah inspired me to write since that on that moment i haD a big fight with, she comfort me a lot..remembered when we hugged each other.telling about what our bf did..thanx Jannah for being there for me..and won't forget until the end of my life..having her shoulders made me felt like i have somebody to talk to..i'm not alone..Love u JAnnAH!I could still remember although my brain does not function really well..Thanx God!


Hariry Ariffin said...

Oh, Jannah raffali. :) Hi!

Anonymous said...

hang sayang kat dia, bwat la link dari blog ang pr blog dia... mcm tribute to jannah la hahhaha...
did i use the word tribute correctly? ahaks papejelah... jom ajak acid jln2 dgn aku nyer civic type R... hahhaa

Jannah, YOU ROCK!! Freedom!!!(sambil tungging mcm citer braveheart)