Tuesday, February 17, 2009

never pay attention!

It has been 3 weeks ago, i divided my kids according to the games and sports, uniforms and also society. i pasted their names on the notice board so that they would not ask me anymore. But kids never pay attention. thousand times i told them to look at what they get. they said.,"teacher tak bagi lagi.."feel like smashing them.

hehe..yesterday, it was a co-curricular day for year 4 in my school. that's called KOKO..huhu..funny.so, guess i'm incharged for what activity..hehe..football club and also red crescent. and yet 4 female teachers and only a male teacher came to guide the poor heroes of the world. it doesn't matter. we'll make sure these kids have fun. SInce their striker who is able to show technical steps.muahah.. I love football more than netball..haha..gender confusion. it's easier to play. netball which has certains portion limits the players to move. this lead me to tiredness. i love to move. circling the field makes playing is real. hoho..personal views from me. if you are the netball fanatic, i'm so sorry if my words slash you heart.

teaching 4 Unggul might be stressful for some of the teachers. Hyper-active, slow-learners, talkative, AND i realize today that a few of them, still cannot catch up on spelling their own name. can't totally blame them. their names are tooooo long..So, make sure, when you have kids, give them a short one or teach them so they don't embarass themselves for not knowing on how to spell their sweet names..

SOmetimes, nagging and yelling should only come once in a blue moon. yelling the whole year will bring the children's motivation down and it fade their interest of learning. That's why we could see many of drop out. my aim is to make sure there's nobody remain in 5 unggul but then move to a better class. I've made a promise. i told them that I'll organize a party for them if they succeed, but if they break their promise, they got to spend me..hahahah..

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Sir Matno said...

reverse psychology huh?